Accessible Housing

Choice for people with disabilities and older Pennsylvanians to enjoy a home that suits their needs and abilities is a primary goal of SDHP.  But most homes across the state do not >Read


What is PREP? The Prepared Renter Program also known as PREP is a renter education program created by the Self-Determination Housing Project of Pennsylvania (SDHP).  PREP is a complete curriculum that provides >Read


Part 1: Day in the Life of a Regional Housing Coordinator (RHC)

By: Jeff Fields, Regional Housing Coordinator, Region 13

In this series “Day in the Life of a Regional Housing Coordinator,” we will look at the various roles the RHC plays and how it directly improves the lives of older adults and people with disabilities in Pennsylvania. The Regional Housing Coordinator (RHC) at Self-Determination Housing Project of Pennsylvania (SDHP) is a dynamic role crossing multiple sectors. 

Housing AssistanceThe Nursing Home Transition Program (NHT)

One of the most important roles for an RHC is to become networked into a region’s local housing system so that when needs arise, the RHC can act. One example of this in action is the Nursing Home Transition (NHT) program,
which is administered by the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services. This program assists people living in nursing homes to move back to the community, assuming they are able to live independently.

HomeHUB Now “Open”!

The Housing Alliance of PA has launched a new housing web-resource.

HomeHUB© is a free, online, mobile, interactive information clearinghouse for homeownership professionals in Pennsylvania – lenders, realtors, governmental officials, builders, and housing counselors – to learn about and share resources in order to help rebuild homeownership in PA.

Promoting Fair Housing For All Pennsylvanians

At SDHP, one of our goals is to educate housing and social service providers about Fair Housing, so that disability discrimination becomes a thing of the past. Jeff Fields, Region 10 RHC, recently provided a training for Nursing Home Transition Coordinators covering the Southeast region of the state (See picture). Nursing Home Transition (NHT) is an innovative state program that helps individuals move out of Nursing Homes and into community settings with support. The NHT Coordinators learned about the protected rights of people with disabilities in housing and how to advocate for those rights through reasonable accommodation and modification requests.